Open Houses

by agentcastsadmin

Open House videos get more website traffic and property visits

Save time for everyone

Audiences tune in from the comfort of their home, interacting with the agent in real time. Not every viewer of the virtual open house may be ready to buy today, but everyone still has a chance to shop around with no obligations. Realtors cover everything from pricing to neighborhood to what the landlord is like. They are able to show the property to many people at once, thus saving time (and money) for everyone.

Capture leads

Over 50% of buyer find their house online, and of those 90% still used an agent to make their purchase. A virtual open house is an opportunity for the agent to capture leads through likes and comments. Even if they don’t go for this particular listing – the agent knows they are potential buyers.

Generate additional content with minimal effort

After the live stream is over, the virtual open house video becomes on-demand content, which can then be shared, downloaded, edited, and re-purposed. The agent now has a house tour video that he can share on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or even email.

Build trust with the audience

This is also a perfect self-marketing opportunity for the agent. They get to introduce themselves to potential buyers and grow their personal brand. The potential buyers, on the other hand, get to know the agent before ever meeting him. Agents are encouraged to show their personality on camera, be memorable, and most of all – be honest and bring value to the audience.